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Which religion cares the most about homeless?
Which religion cares the m...
Skrillex vs. Mr. Bean
Skrillex vs. Mr. Bean
Dad is shocked to find out his kids are gay.
Dad is shocked to find out...
Anti-theft lunch bags.
Anti-theft lunch bags.
Seen my ex-wife working at Subway.
Seen my ex-wife working at...
More sad news from the music industry.
More sad news from the mus...
If you photoshop Donald Trump's lips onto his eyes, he looks exactly the same.
If you photoshop Donald Tr...
Do I look high?
Do I look high?
Tuna disposal.
Tuna disposal.
Peyton Manning: HGH scandal debunked.
Peyton Manning: HGH scanda...
Girls in business school vs. engineering school
Girls in business school v...
Facebook reactions are fine, but still missing what everyone wanted.
Facebook reactions are fin...
When you show up to the club wearing the same dress as your Dad.
When you show up to the cl...
7-foot 6-inch Mamadou N'Diaye with one of the shortest girls on campus.
7-foot 6-inch Mamadou N'Di...
The Minions are real!
The Minions are real!

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