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Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version) by YouTube user SteveKardynal
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Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Bal...
This lab puppy has a better and faster way to get down the stairs.
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This lab puppy has a bette...
Dad catches son practicing his dance moves so decides to show him his moves 'you got served' style!
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Dad catches son practicing...
Hamster rams a whole corn on the cob in his mouth and it somehow fits.
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Hamster rams a whole corn ...
Baby sloth climbing on his play structure making some very funny noises.
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Baby sloth climbing on his...
Product demonstration of NeverWet. He pours BBQ sauce on a brand new pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes and the results are quite impressive.
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Product demonstration of N...
Great example of the current problem with modern politics.
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Great example of the curre...
This girl is crying because she doesn't want her little brother to grow up.
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This girl is crying becaus...
David Elsewhere's crazy dance moves in the Kollaboration talent competition in 2001.
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David Elsewhere's crazy da...
Tree house nearly 30 feet in the air uses a bicycle as an elevator
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Tree house nearly 30 feet ...
Cat using kitchen chairs to get a strong upper body workout
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Cat using kitchen chairs t...
Siberian Husky dog having a great time playing in a huge pile of leaves.
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Siberian Husky dog having ...
Baby elephant is sleeping on Moms food but she keeps right on eating.
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Baby elephant is sleeping ...
 Musical Tesla Coil playing Eruption Solo from Van Halen.
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Musical Tesla Coil playin...
Sheep with a very deep voice or maybe just a sore throat.
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Sheep with a very deep voi...

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