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SpotMini by Boston Dynamics.
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SpotMini by Boston Dynamic...
'Pedals' sighting, also known as the bear that walks on two legs.
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'Pedals' sighting, also kn...
Superman: Ride of Steel virtual reality roller coaster at Six Flags America.
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Superman: Ride of Steel vi...
Two dogs won't fess up to who ate all the dog treats.
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Two dogs won't fess up to ...
Cover of 'We Will Rock You' by Queen ft. a clothes dryer.
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Cover of 'We Will Rock You...
How to straighten a pigs tail.
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How to straighten a pigs t...
Dad catches foul ball with one hand while holding kid.
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Dad catches foul ball with...
How dubstep was discovered.
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How dubstep was discovered...
Thief gets busted with a ton of meat in his pants.
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Thief gets busted with a t...
Donald Trump raps Mac Miller's 'Donald Trump'.
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Donald Trump raps Mac Mill...
Meme cats go to the supermarket.
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Meme cats go to the superm...
Man wakes his sleeping chicken.
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Man wakes his sleeping chi...
80-year-old man sings Bodies by Drowning Pool.
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80-year-old man sings Bodi...
Talking bird activates Siri on the iPhone.
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Talking bird activates Sir...
Lady wants the deer crossing signs moved.
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Lady wants the deer crossi...

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