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Most Reality TV shows share this same script.
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Most Reality TV shows shar...
Kayaker has a very uplifting experience thanks to a whale
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Kayaker has a very uplifti...
This dog has a great cat friend who is also his masseuse
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This dog has a great cat f...
Never give your AK-47 to a monkey
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Never give your AK-47 to a...
Epic class prank on teacher. Student pretending to get news she's knocked up.
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Epic class prank on teache...
Extremely drunk man just trying to grab a 12 pack realizes it's not as easy as he first thought
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Extremely drunk man just t...
Tiger Woods missed the cut, so he cuts a fart.
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Tiger Woods missed the cut...
News Reporter vs The Pole. The Pole Wins.
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News Reporter vs The Pole....
Sea lion steals a trophy fish right from his hands.
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Sea lion steals a trophy f...
A marching band comprised of 2 guys and some Geese showing excellent form and synchronization
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A marching band comprised ...
Guy freaks out about passing train. Double rainbow freak out.
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Guy freaks out about passi...
How not to launch a brand new boat
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How not to launch a brand ...
If you are afraid of elevators you should not watch this video
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If you are afraid of eleva...
Totally busted while trying to sneak a peek
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Totally busted while tryin...
Never look down the barrel of a loaded gun.
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Never look down the barrel...

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