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Televangelists Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis defending their private jets.
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Televangelists Kenneth Cop...
Sent home from school after suffering a terrible injury.
Sent home from school afte...
What Facebook sees vs. what really happened.
What Facebook sees vs. wha...
Walmart and the bearded lady.
Walmart and the bearded la...
Squirrel is a snow plowing maniac.
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Squirrel is a snow plowing...
The Economy: Citizens vs. Government and Banks
The Economy: Citizens vs. ...
Life before smartphones.
Life before smartphones.
That disappointing moment you get to work...
That disappointing moment ...
Think twice before you 'friendzone' someone.
Think twice before you 'fr...
Caitlyn Jenner proves that men are better at everything.
Caitlyn Jenner proves that...
Don't feel bad laundry.
Don't feel bad laundry.
If she looks hot and is single..,
If she looks hot and is si...
ISIS strip club.
ISIS strip club.
Little girl loves to fart.
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Little girl loves to fart.
Keep your man's balls empty.
Keep your man's balls empt...

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